This Picture is from Award Day At LACMA. Great Day!

July 31, 2015, I along with five other ladies was recognized as a Jazz Living Legend at LACMA and awarded three certificates from, The Jazz Living Legend Foundation,
 The County of LA, signed by Mark Ridley-Thomas Supervisor, Second District, The City of LA, signed by our Mayor, Eric Garcetti and finally,
 a Jazzaration Awards plaque..

.Another OBSERVATION                                                            April 2016                          

by Danny J. Shedwin

I   B E L I E V E
Former Platters vocalist, Jessica Taylor, found her CD. Entitled, I BELIEVE, it was initially released almost a decade and a half ago but its distributor eventually proved to be unable to deliver the desired results. So when Taylor, who is included in Linda Morgan’s TOP 100 Living Jazz Legends changed her distributor – BOOM!

Jessica was once a member of a Platters splinter group that adapted a similar name from the original one. Even now, the rigor required to become a member of all Platters groups is arduous in any entertainer’s terms because of the standards established by the Original Platters long, long ago. Therefore it goes without saying that becoming a Platter is no joke. Everyone belonging to a Platters group is the best vocalist of the very best vocalists. In fact, the Original Group, a long, long time ago, was considered by many critics to have been the best vocalists “in the world”.

Almost every palace on our planet has, at one time or another, had a Platters Group Performance in it. 

So, I BELIEVE is out. Again. And Jessica is experiencing an emotion similar to, but much stronger than, when you place something extremely valuable in “the most” secure place and later you forget where that place is. Then, sometime later when you are least expecting it, you discover “where”. You’ve been there. I sure have. Many times. Say “Password or Pin Code”?

This I BELIEVE recording is a very personal one. Already copies on Amazon.Com are being sold from about $10 (ten). But online prices were also listed for as much as $275 (two hundred seventy-five) Jessica discovered.

I  Believe, Page 2

She insists listing her compact disc at that lower price and insures she has received NADA revenues from those other sales.

          “I’m just wondering who is selling it at that price,” Taylor questions. The reality is, however, being a former Platter as well as being named a Living Jazz Legend, may be reason enough for I BELIEVE to be collectible.

Still, the question remaining is, “Why does no one sing as Jessica does?” She performs so effortlessly, powerfully, masterfully and elegantly. I BELIEVE contents, in terms of its selections and treatments, provide listeners a recording by a vocalist who easily reaches places where their secret, sensitive bliss points inside reside because the music is so heartwarming.

Young listeners may perceive the beauty of I BELIEVE while the more mature will cherish it, take their shoes off, kick back, put their feet up and leisurely absorb it. Taylor does an amazing arrangement to Since You Came Into My Life and absolutely nails the CD’s title song I Believe like no one ever. It’s been an exquisite project manifesting itself as a product of vocal mastery providing and demonstrating marketing perseverance supported “With much Prayer, Faith and Hope,” Jessica said.

I’m just telling you, I BELIEVE is a Treasure - perhaps a Collectible with provenance about the once lost then found compact disc featuring the work and the art of a better than normal vocalist.

And as the Cherry Tree produced so many more beautiful blossoms this year than last because it survived, Jessica Taylor’s recording, re-released is a godsend perhaps more valuable in more ways now than when originally offered to appreciators in the music marketplace.

        I believe.

        Don Barberie ~
The only thing better...
The only thing better than Jessica's "I believe" CD is, Jessica Taylor live!!! Buy it, and if you get the chance, check her out live!

        Upper Room with Joe Kelly and Gi Dussault radio show
Jessica's I Believe CD is what music is all about
Jessica Taylor's I Believe CD is what music is all about. Jessica's outstanding vocals are in collaboration with top-notch musicianship and production. She excels on the seductive I Can't Make You Love Me and another highlight is Perfect World.

Can't wait to see this most talented artist in concert.. 

Upper Room with Joe Kelly and Gi Dussault radio show and WVOF 88.5 FM in Fairfield. Connecticut

By Letiticia Owens
As the 'Dish or First Lady' of The Platters, 

Jessica has toured North America, Europe, Scandinavia, The South Pacific, The Philippines and Japan with some of the top named acts in the 

country. She's been a member of The Platters for the past 20 years. After putting together a collection of songs for her first CD and she's currently promoting herself as a solo act when not working with other groups. Born in Lexington Ky. She started out singing her first song in church 

at the age of four with the encouragement of her grandmother. That became the start of her desired to sing for the public. Being raised by her loving grandmother after the death of 

her mother when she was 2-1/2 yrs old, she was continually told and encouraged to go after her dreams, 

so she moved with her family to Los Angeles, CA. in 1977 to pursue a music career and has live in Southern CA. every since.

 In July of 1981, she obtained her AA degree in music from Los Angeles Southwest College, graduating with honors. 

Jessica has a rich strong voice that is warm and inviting. Cool and sophisticated. Lush and sweet. 

There are not enough words to describe a night with Jessica Taylor.

 When she's performing for us locally here in Southern California, we are glad. Over 30 years of performing has given her an

 insight into the human condition that when shared, is life-changing. Come soar to new heights with Ms. Taylor. She'll take you there.

Lyrics are just words on paper until they are put into the mouth of Jessica Taylor. 

Then life happens. Renewal and a sense that someone knows just what you've been through is what she offers when she opens her mouth to sing. Ms. Taylor handles each tune as though it were written just for her. Having performed in too many well known venues to mention here, 

she continues to press on and persevere… going after her dreams, and that my not yet the end of her story! You don't want to miss an opportunity to hear and see Jessica Taylor!